Episode 4

The only thing the Grand Canyon is missing is "The Blockchain"


April 12th, 2018

47 mins 13 secs

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Todd McDonald

Richard Gendal Brown

2: being in a state of inactivity or obsolescence
a moribund virus
a moribund volcano
prune the moribund files from your disk forever —D. S. Janal

  • Smh – Shaking my head

Peter Chapman

- HQLAᵡ PR: First live trade

Catherine Rutter

Show notes:

0:37 - 8:41 Recent news with Todd McDonald

  • Deconomy rundown
  • Social Media & Blockchain – can blockchain help with the data privacy issues firms like Facebook have been recently facing?
  • Amber Baldet Leaves JPM

8:41 - 27:30 Richard’s summary of his blog post (Universal Interoperability: Why Enterprise Blockchain Applications Should Be Deployed to Shared Networks)

27:30 - 47:20 Peter Chapman from Clifford Chance discusses why lawyers should be in the know about blockchain technology, how blockchain impacts his clients, how it may impact the practice of law, if lawyers will have to code in the future, and more!